The following links provide additional information about Cobalt and the area. Explore virtually and we are sure you will be enthralled and suitably entertained.

Virtual Museum of Canada

The Cobalt Mining Museum undertook a project in 2010 to develop an interactive website called the Cobalt Adventure. A four characters play that provides the individual with some insight into the early days of Cobalt from any one of those four points of view.

Cobalt Mining Legacy

This website was prepared by an individual who worked as a geologist in the Cobalt area. The historical information is quite interesting and he also does provide some information regarding past mining practices that have left their scars on mining communities.

Spring Pulse Poetry Festival

Local residents added life into what was once the Henry Drummond Poetry Contest which was begun in 1970. It is now a full fledged Poetry Festival and welcomes participants from around the province. Individuals are invited to contribute their poems and enter them into the annual competition.

Our own Poet Laureate, Ann Margetson, was featured on CBC National News and is a local treasure.

Cobalt Historical Society

The Cobalt Historical Society is a group of individuals who dedicate time and energy to maintaining the history of the Cobalt Mining Camp. This camp takes in the Town of Cobalt and properties throughout Coleman Township. They produce a regular newsletter which features insightful articles about historic people or places.

Temiskaming Art Gallery

The Temiskaming Area is rich in art and artistic talent. Besides the art work displayed at the Cobalt Mining Museum, the Cobalt Public Library and the Bunker, much is available at the Temiskaming Art Gallery.

Temiskaming Grave Markers

This website was set up through a genealogy website and allows you to search out grave markers throughout the area. Both the Silverland and St.Thérèse Cemeteries are here. This site can lead you back to any number of other resting places that might be of interest to you.

Highway 11

This link was prepared by an individual who travelled throughout Northern Ontario and documented his exploits. It is very enjoyable and allows you to visit communities along highways 17 and 11.