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Enbridge Gas Notice – March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022
Re: Enbridge Gas Notice of Maintenance Work
Dear Resident,
You are receiving this note, as you live in the area of the former Cobalt Arena, where Enbridge and our partner Cetarus, have set up a temporary site to house a compressed natural gas (CNG) station.
Enbridge Gas is undertaking maintenance-related work on a section of natural gas pipeline located near South Wabi Creek, which serves our customers in Haileybury and Cobalt.
To avoid an interruption in gas service, a mobile supply of CNG may be used to supply customers through the local pipeline system during certain stages of this work.
This facility is currently on standby, and will be placed into operation when the weather conditions are favorable for us to complete the remaining maintenance work. This may continue through the spring and summer of 2022.
Public safety is a top priority for Enbridge. The CNG site is fenced and will be monitored as a safety precaution, while it is in operation. When the station is active, 1-3 trucks a day can be
expected. The volume will vary depending on the amount of natural gas that is being used and will be higher in the colder weeks and less when it’s warmer.
Enbridge and our CNG provider, have worked with the Town of Cobalt to map out the most appropriate route for the CNG trucks, however we understand that this may be disruptive at times, and we appreciate your patience as we complete this important work.
We are working closely with community leadership in the City of Timiskaming Shores and the Town of Cobalt to coordinate this plan. Information and updates will be available on their websites.
If you have additional questions about this project, please reach out by email here:
Johanna Sanchez Gomez
Manager, Northern Region Operations
Enbridge Gas
Will this work impact my natural gas service?
This plan will not require an interruption in customers gas service, and customers do not need to take any action.
What is Compressed Natural Gas and is it safe?
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas that has been compressed using pressure so that it takes up less space and can be used as a portable energy supply. CNG has many uses, including as a low-carbon fuel for vehicles, to supply affordable energy to industries in remote locations that are not served by transmission pipelines, or as a temporary supply of natural gas into existing
distribution systems to maintain service during maintenance work.

This is safe and established mobile energy distribution process, which is governed by safety standards and practices.