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Public Notice – Utility Bill Moving to Tax Bill

At the Council Meeting of June 16, 2020, Council adopted Resolution 2020-136 to implement a billing process that includes your water billing with your tax billing and, directed staff to give the public notice.

Q. What is the implementation date?
A. This will be implemented on the 2021 Property Tax bills.

Q. Will I receive a water/sewer bill in January 2021?
A. No, water/sewer charges will be billed as a special charge on your Property Tax bill.

Q. What are the 2021 Property Tax billing due dates?
A. The due dates are:
Interim Bill for March 2021                           · March 31, 2021               · April 30, 2021
Final Bill for August 2021                             · August 31, 2021              · September 30, 2021

Q. Will my water/sewer charges be based on my assessment?
A. No, water/sewer charges will be billed as a special charge and will remain a flat rate.

Q. My taxes are included in my mortgage, how does this new billing affect me?
A. Mortgage companies were notified of this billing change in August 2020. Please direct your mortgage-related questions to your mortgage holder.

Q. I do not receive a property tax bill, how will my water/sewer charges be billed?
A. You will now receive a water/sewer bill following the property tax billing dates mentioned above.

Q. Do I make a payment to my water/sewer account and tax account separately?
A. No, you will make payments to your tax account only. On December 31, 2020, your water/sewer account balance will be transferred to your property tax account at which time all water accounts will be closed.

Q. I need more information, who do I contact?
A. Please contact the Municipal Office at 705-679-8877 or by email at and we will answer any questions you may have.