Have a question for Council? Here’s what you should know.

On March 19, 2017 the Town of Cobalt amended procedural by-law 2018-36 to include procedures  to enable the public to ask questions of Council without prior notice.

Here’s how it works:  

Questions by the general public shall be limited to a total duration of 15 minutes. The Clerk shall advise the Mayor/Chair once the prescribed time limit has lapsed.

A limit of two (2) questions per attendee will be permitted. Attendees wishing to speak shall stand and await approval from the Mayor/ Chair before commencing. Once approval is granted, the attendees shall state their first and last name which the Clerk will record in the minutes. Questions will be taken one at a time, in the order received. Attendees wishing to ask more than one question shall give all other attendees the opportunity before being permitted to ask a second question.

All question topics shall be limited to current agenda items. The  Mayor/ Chair shall be given first opportunity to respond to the attendee and may ask members of Council or staff for further input. Questions requiring a lengthy answer, or which require research shall be directed to staff for further review.

The Mayor/Chair shall have the right to curtail any questions which are not related to an agenda item, or questions which are deemed to be inappropriate, derogatory or otherwise not suitable for discussion in an open meeting. This opportunity to speak shall not be used to file complaints of any nature but to clarify information on the specific subjects being discussed. Attendees wishing to file a complaint shall direct the information to municipal administration staff outside of meeting times.

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