Canada Day Celebration

Canada Day Celebration

Canada Day Celebration

The Town of Cobalt has planned a Canada Day celebration in partnership with The Cobalt and Coleman Lions Club and the Teck Park Recreation Program that highlights the outdoor features of our unique Canadian Town.

The mission is to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle by encouraging the community to travel the sidewalk sale, many parks, and tourism sites Cobalt and Coleman have to offer by walking/hiking or biking the 5k route around Cobalt Lake.

The Heritage Silver Trail surrounding Cobalt Lake is a step into the past to experience what it must have been like to live in these early days of Canada. To enhance your experience, we have created an educational self-guided adventure using the Geocache app that is an extremely easy and intuitive navigation tool. Families can select the individual locations on the map using their smartphone and easily navigate safely while reading about the history in the description of each location.

While the community is discovering our local heritage, we have invited the local business to open safely with a display outside as a sidewalk sale and included local community venders to set up across downtown Cobalt. The sidewalk sale extends from Dr. Pollard Poetry Park to William Henry Drummond Park covering 750m, creating an outdoor shopping mall, doing so leaves plenty of room to walk in family groups while maintaining physical distancing. This sidewalk sale feature in tandem with the Canada Day celebration gives a chance for the community to jumpstart our economy while supporting local people and businesses.

Teck Park Recreation Program will host Climb n Fun at Teck Park which will provide a variety of modified recreation options to our community. Many of the games will be free, some will be pay to play, and all the activities will be regulated by a schedule signup sheet. For this coordination to function we will need to schedule family cohorts and abide by the strict schedule. Our games will include the mini putt, laser tag, electric animal rides, foam party, inflatable maze, and an amazing virtual reality escape game.

Adventuring through the Heritage Silver Trail you will also find many beautiful parks including William Henry Drummond Park, Major Holland V.C Park, Bruce Lonsdale Park, and Dr. Pollard Poetry Park. We encourage family groups to come to explore our parks. To help promote Cobalt’s parks The Temiskaming Art Gallery has agreed to set up a Chalk Art activity at Poetry Park in agreement with Spring Plus Poetry Festival for people incline to a creative outlet for Canada Day Celebrations. This activity will be closely monitored with a sign-up sheet and schedule while participants tag their Canada Day art on the sheer cliff edge adjacent to the sidewalk that is used as a canvas.

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